Commissioned Officers

How can a degree from Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Security advance your career?

  • Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Security Masters and Doctoral programs are designed with you in mind

  • Career-relevant and national security-focused programs
  • Direct connection to Global Strike Command’s responsibility for Nuclear Surety and Nuclear Deterrence
  • Are you a Lieutenant or Captain? NOW is the time to think about your Master’s degree
  • Gain an edge when facing the O-4 promotion board, even more critical when approaching the O-5 board
  • How about Professional Military Education (PME)? Our programs sync well with ACSC and AWC. If you are new to PME, a program will prepare you well for that opportunity. If you’ve been to PME, then you will find a comfortable fit with any of our programs
  • Our Institutional Learning Objectives mirror those of the service PME programs, both IDE and SDE, so you will find similar focus to the PME schoolhouses, AND you will learn from National Security leaders
  • We also offer foreign language courses to help you acquire new skills or sharpen those you have, helping you maintain a Foreign Language Proficiency Bonus for which you may be eligible
  • Our faculty and staff consist of many former USAF PME instructors and AFIT graduates, so we understand not just the military, but the USAF in particular
  • Our typical student is an adult learner in a full-time job, military or veteran, married with children and with little prior online course experience
  • We understand and deliver on the objectives of Nuclear Surety and Deterrence
    • All our programs emphasize deterrence, threat assessment, homeland security, national security and regional studies
    • Important aspects include ethics, consequence management, and strategic engagement
    • Leadership, communication, critical thinking, and analysis are hallmarks of all we do!

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